Soil Preparation

Winter is the time to get your soil ready for planting of pasture in Spring!  Start spraying weeds now and think about getting your soil test and ripping done over the winter period so the soil has time to recover ready for a spring planting.  These jobs can be done at any time however during winter can help spread the cost out for you and give the soil a little time to recover before planting.  Pasture has the best opportunity to establish through spring and summer before cooler weather starts again.  This will give you a bigger bulk of feed and will allow good root growth helping it to last through extremes of weather. 

Winter Crops can also help with putting more organic matter back into the soil as well as giving you that much needed winter grazing.  They can be planting over existing pastures as well.  Most tropical grasses go dormant during winter so crops such as barley can be planted without giving too much competition to the grass.  As the weather warms up, the grass starts to grow and the barley goes into dormancy or dies out.  A special awnless grazing variety is available through Heritage Seeds.


Winter Crops

So Winter is arriving and you don’t have much pasture to last you through.  What do you do?

Have you thought about planting a forage crop so you don’t have to buy in as much hay?  For example barley can be grown as a forage crop and is fine for grazing cattle and horses.  There are even varieties now that have barbless awls so that they don’t get stuck in soft flesh in the mouth causing ulcers etc.  Then when summer comes you can plant improved pasture.

Contact Scott if you are interested in a winter crop.


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