Diamondvale Pasture & Farm Improvements uses a 15' boom for spraying that can be used a variety of lengths to get into those tricky spots as well as a hand held hose attachment for spraying around delicate areas. 

We also hold a current Contractors Spraying Licence to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Weeds should be controlled on a regular basis to help pasture development.  Anywhere from every 3 months to every 12 months initially until the problem is under control.  The aim isn't to obliterate the weeds but to lessen the percentage in the paddock to help the pasture establish.

Weeds can leave up to 10 years worth of seed in the soil so consistant treatment is the key!

There are various sprays for different weeds so talk to your local produce store about what is right for your property.  There are sprays that will kill everything, just burn off the top or just kill broadleaf weeds and not grasses.  Some leave residual chemicals in the soil so that when it rains, it acts again.  Speak to your local agronomist usually found at bigger produce stores for the best help.

If you need a weed identified, either take a picture or put it in a zip lock bag and show it to your local agronomist or DPI centre who will be happy to help identify and treat the offending weed.  Please do not pull weeds out and leave them free through your car etc as seeds can be very opportunistic and can spread rapidly if unchecked.

Also check with your local council or Landcare group to see if there is any grants or reimbursements for weed control practices in your area.

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