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Pasture & Farm Improvements

The Small Acreage Specialists!


Servicing South East Queensland and Northern NSW

Other areas by appointment


We offer a no nonsense easy to understand service and we pride ourselves on keeping in contact with you and helping you on your journey to pasture improvement. 

Check out our News page for current special offers, items for sale, where we will be etc.

We are available for talks, demonstrations, trial plots and field days.

Need grass for your horses or want to grow your own hay?  Let Scott come and spray the weeds, plant some pasture and rejuvenate your paddocks back to life! 

Our services include:-

  • Sowing Pasture & Crops
  • Spraying Weeds
  • Keyline Ripping - Yeomans Plough
  • Disc plough
  • Slashing
  • Fertiliser Spreading 
  • Pasture, Crop and Weed selection and maintenance
  • Fertiliser Option including Organic suppliers
  • Pasture Management & Rotational Grazing


Most rejuvenation jobs consist of:-

  • spraying for weeds using a general herbicide which kills the weeds but not the grass that exists
  • Ripping the subsoil so air and water can get through; and
  • planting of a specific pasture blend for your purposes

... however we can offer any combination of services to suit your needs. 

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